Submissions 2021

Thank you for your submissions! Participation was open until 1st of May and is now closed.

As in the previous year, thanks to very generous donors, the prize is endowed with a total of € 1.500, which is awarded in 3 to 5 categories that will be determined by the committee.

The main difference in comparison to other (German) awards is: submission is purely digital, here. We trust that good content will prevail in every format, and we want to spare you the costs of providing and shipping physical copies. We intend to give digital formats  equal visibility in front of the prize committee.


These Are the Conditions of Participation

  • Publication between 1.1.2020 and 31.12.2020 (for webcomics: the section published in the time span; or later print version within time frame)
  • Visual narrative (comic, picture story book, animated comic, zine, etc.)
  • Published / exhibited online or in print format
  • Independently via self-publishing or with an independent publisher or academic institution, also as projects of clubs or networks
  • Language: German or English (other languages with translations or subtitles)
  • You may add a download link to a file in the submission form; the file must be an RGB-formatted PDF, "optimized for fast view".

    If you want to give your longform webcomic, that might be running for several years, a better chance to be valued and understood by the committee, please consider adding a story summary and overview of the character ensemble.

    Analogue formats also have the option of submitting documentation of their "packaging", i.e. photos to point out special colors, containers, extras, or similar characteristics of your work that the committee should know about.

    If you are unsure, please submit your work via the entry form anyway or post your questions to our FAQ-Thread on Twitter.

    Any questions? Please look up our FAQ-Thread here or on Twitter or feel free to contact us via Email.

    Submissions are now closed. Do you need to add something or change a link? Contact us via Email or Twitter.