GINCO Supporting Membership

Support GINCO directly!

The GINCO Award is organized, among others, by COMIC SOLIDARITY , a non-profit association of creatives working or publishing digitally. It is organized by a core group of two to five members since 2014. On January 19, 2020, COMIC SOLIDARITY e.V. was newly founded as a registered non-profit association by eight members of the German-speaking comic and manga scene. Eve Jay was elected chairperson, Lukas Wilde treasurer. This will not only facilitate the acquisition of funds and the administration for the comic and manga scene. We also strive to become more transparent and inclusive.

It is thus also possible now to support the continued existence of the GINCO Award directly through a supporting membership. This is open to every natural and legal person through an annual sponsorship fee of 75,-€. This sum is bound to the organization, realization, and especially the endowment of the GINCO Award. We would like to encourage not only artists, but all committed supporters from comics and manga publishers, journalism, and comics research who would like to secure the future of the inclusive award of the German independent scene.


All that is required is an informal application to or to Supporting membership fees and donations to COMIC SOLIDARITRY e.V. are of course tax deductible. We are happy to welcome you as a member!


See the articles of association for download