GINCO Award 2024

The Award Committee of 2024


Our goal is once again to assemble a diverse committee with a wide range of perspectives and expertise, drawing from different areas of the comic and manga scene, as well as the fields of research and press.

If you want to suggest yourself or somebody else, please feel free to contact us.

We're happy to enlist the help of honorary experts who want to give back to the community and would be happy to do the honors, as time-consuming as it may be.

In 2024, we were able to enlist the following experts:

Anne Delseit has been working as an author, editor, and journalist since 2008 and created many comic, manga and webtoon projects together with artists from Germany and abroad, including the ongoing WEBTOON ORIGINAL "The Shadow Prophet" in collaboration with by the Dutch artist Marissa Delbressine. Since 2013, Anne has also been part of the editorial team of AnimaniA (, the large German-language print magazine about anime, manga, Japanese games, music and (pop) culture, which is published bimonthly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and organizes the popular AnimagiC convention every year (

Jeff Chi has been active in the German independent scene for many years, with his own publications and as organizer of exhibitions and community events. For his comic book "Who's The Scatman?" he won a Max and Moritz Award and a Bavarian Art Promotion Prize in 2022.

Joscha Sauer has been drawing the cartoon series NICHTLUSTIG for over 20 years now. In addition to books and merchandise, he also directed a NICHTLUSTIG-animated series a few years ago, financed through crowdfunding. After many years with the publishers Carlsen and Lappan, Joscha is now self-publishing his latest books. He lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Lisa “Mullana” Schmidt has been active in the German manga scene for over 20 years now. She is a freelance illustrator and teaches storyboarding and concept art at Ansbach University. Her comics ( are located in the genre intersections of fantasy, action, and romance or deal with IT culture and social issues. She also experiments with interactive comic formats.

Orkun Gedik has felt closely connected to comics and manga since his childhood. Sci-fi series such as Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion were the incentive for him to actually study engineering. He now publishes his thoughts and opinions on comic book series that he is currently reading on his Instagram channel.

  The organizing team only supports the work of the committee on a logistical and communication level and does not influence the decisions.