Categories and Nominees

All main categories are open for discussion by the committee. Its members may keep previous categories or choose new ones. Secondary categories, similar to "honorary mentions", are also possible.

The 2022 main categories are:

  • Webcomic
  • Printed Comic
  • Comic for Young Readers
  • Self-Published Comic

The nominees are:



by Kageshini (Sarah Müller)

When Jae is devastated, he meets Greg, an acquaintance from childhood days. He doesn't hesitate for long and begins his mission to cheer Jae up and bring color back into his life - literally.
"Colors" tells a heartwarming story of a growing friendship and highlights some LGBTQ+ issues along the way.

Links: Tapas, Webtoons

Column for TRANS magazine

by Joris Bas Backer

The cartoon series is a monthly comic column Joris does for the Dutch magazine, TRANS, an independent non-profit magazine with online and printed (annual) content created by a (trans)gender diverse team. Joris writes/draws about transgender related experiences from personal life, linking them to universal experiences.



Der Zeitraum/ A Fraction of Time

by Lisa Frühbeis

A talented composer is a newly single mother. When her children's father stops paying child support, her precarious situation forces her to move to a Tiny House on a deserted island. There she finds a door into a beguiling parallel world, shielded from everything, to which she becomes addicted. But each time she stays in the parallel world, her mother turns into a monster. When her children go after her, the situation escalates.

Published September to November 2021. Published by Goethe Institut Korea, as part of the project "Scroll down to proceed - female lives in Webcomic". The comic was written in German, published in English by Tapas.


Fault Lines

by Michèle Fischels

A short story about two boys — and the girl that came between them.





by Christine Färber & Markus Färber

After the sudden suicide of their father, two siblings begin a silent correspondence: She writes to him, he draws back. Each filled page makes visible what words often lack. The dialogue opens up a world of enchanted memories, riddles and feelings that, intimate as they may be, bring to light something universal: That nothing is as expected, feared, or hoped for, that in the end a place is often surprisingly more than just a disaster.




by Matthias Lehmann

The graphic novel is about the protagonist Karl's desire and endeavor to lead a self-determined life in a society where homosexuality is frowned upon and punishable. It tells of adaptation and rebellion against conventional norms, a life that resembles an eternal game of hide-and-seek, and the courage to open up despite the given opposition.



by Nadine Redlich

One imagines existence as a stone to be quite cold and hard. Does a stone have feelings? Never! But far from it. Stones are sensitive and soft contemporaries, which like to be touched or sometimes go out of their skin. Actually they are like us. They mostly just lie around stupidly, are often exposed to whims (of nature and their own) and although they are already very old and think to have seen everything already, they are surprised again and again. Most of all by themselves.



Vasja, dein Opa

by Anna Rakhmanko & Mikkel Sommer

The documentary graphic novel tells the story of the author's grandfather. It is based on an interview with his little sister, with whom he walked as a child all the way from the former Romania to the distant Arctic Circle region of the Soviet Union, where they both had to live for many years with the label "enemy". It is a story like millions of other stories in the Soviet Union, where almost every other family personally experienced what Gulag and exile meant.




Herr Elefant & Frau Grau gehen in die große Stadt

by Martin Baltscheit, Max Fiedler

Safaris are annoying! Gawking tourists who arrive in droves at the waterhole. But somehow these naked monkeys in their noisy jeeps also have something fascinating. When the gazelle Mrs. Grey and her friend Mr. Elephant meet a curious black flat beetle who introduces himself to them as Siri, a great adventure begins for them.
Siri shows them pictures from the world of tourists: Stores, streets, the big train in the mouse tunnel called "Ubahn". Oh, how the gazelle and the elephant would love to go there one day!



Das Ungeheuer von Lake Oddleigh

by Tor Freeman (Comic) und Dominik Merscheid (Übersetzung ins Deutsche)

Sid and Jessie, the two Oddleigh detectives, are called to Lake Oddleigh. A boat has been destroyed in a disturbing way. Before the two can solve the case, they first have to unravel sailor's yarn in the harbor pub. On the lake they are surprised by a sea monster - what sounds like horror turns out to be quite a touching love story. With a left-right twist.



Q-R-T: Im Raumschiff nach New York

by Ferdinand Lutz (Text und Zeichnungen)

Great news: Lara gets an invitation to the big congress for young researchers in New York! But her mother is not happy at all: Going to New York together? Too expensive! And alone? Too dangerous!

How good that Lara is friends with Q-R-T - the alien who will never grow up. With him and his pet Flummi, Lara simply sets off secretly for New York. What an adventure!



by Volker Schmitt, Màriam Ben-Arab

"Are you... a pirate?" The man Bonny discovers snoring loudly on the beach doesn't remember anything, not even his name. With his shaggy beard and one leg, Bonny realizes, he simply must be a pirate. And as such, he needs a name and a crew! Before Bonny's pirate knows it, his name is Zack and they set sail together. But when they cross the course of a real pirate ship, they fall into the hands of Zack's old adversary Augenklappenklaus, who seems to fear nothing and no one - except his parrot. By the Klabauterkind! Bonny is furiously determined to make sure that her friend Zack doesn't have to peel potatoes in the galley for the rest of his life.




Herrschaft des Alltags

by Aike Arndt

Everyday life - oppressive or wonderful?
It depends on what you do. God sometimes goes shopping. So does the moon. What, on the other hand, does Bob Dylan do? Or the artist of these comics? Let's see if we can find an answer here...


Poison Paradise

by Maximilian Hillerzeder

While the apocalypse is in full swing, a small underground movement forms in the basement of a pizzeria to plan the revolution against God and his army. But the group falls apart because of the differing expectations of their comrades-in-arms.

Poison Paradise is a comic about masculinity, sexuality and responsibility, the Male Gaze of historiography and how complete myths turn into the opposite as soon as you look at them from a different angle.


Punch Your Heart Out

by Karen Hertfelder

Punch Your Heart Out is the story of professional boxers Kisa and Bonnie's blossoming rivalry and relationship inside and outside the fighting ring.




by Wiebke Bolduan

A story about the great insecurity of noticing that something in life doesn't quite fit, but not being able to name what exactly. Andi works in a small souvenir store at the pink lagoon "Warnebi". In search of an answer to the question of what his problem actually is, he gets involved in life coaching. But instead of becoming clearer, everything seems to become even more confusing. Especially when Andi gets involved in a conflict with his colleague Lund...