Award Committee

Our goal is to assemble a diverse committee with the widest possible range of perspectives and expertise, drawing from different areas of the comic and manga scene, as well as the fields of research and press.

This year, we were able to enlist the following competent people:

Anna Beckmann

Comics researcher and political activist, is writing her dissertation on narrative unreliability and strategies to clarify ambiguity in comics, is a member of the Berlin Comic Colloquium (, AG Comicforschung in the Society for Media Studies (https: // and the Society for Comic Research (


Marc-Oliver Frisch

is a freelance comic book critic and translator. He is writing his doctoral thesis on comics at Saarland University.

Marc-Oliver at the Tagesspiegel


Ciani-Sophia Hoeder

Freelance journalist, founder of the first online lifestyle magazine for black women in German-speaking countries called RosaMag ( and brand new Grimme Online nominee. Ciani-Sophia Hoeder didn't really want to do anything with the media, but she loves writing. To create sentences from word deserts. To model mentally already crumpled pages, which are cleaned up with the frequently used delete key, into an article - she appreciates, loves and is motivated by all of this. Every day.


Niki Smith

is a comic artist from the USA, she lives in Munich. Her comic “Crossplay” was nominated for the Lambda Literary Award. She has digital releases on DC Comics and The Nib. Her latest release, "The Deep & Dark Blue," a queer graphic novel for young teenagers, has been published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Christina S. Zhu

is a German-Chinese illustrator and comic artist. Her favorite works combine subtle visual messages with melancholic beauty. With her projects, she primarily wants to promote the voices of People of Color in Germany. (



The award committee will consult independently of the organizing team and also decide, whether they want to work with the pre-existing categories or work with their own criteria and ideas.
There will be a shortlist, that will be published a few weeks before the award ceremony. Depending on the future of comic cons during the COVID-19 pandemic, that ceremony might be held via streaming or live on stage.

The organizing team supports the work of the committee only on a logistical and communicative level and does not in any way influence the choices of the committee.